Riddle Me: Best Scavenger Hunt Ideas for Adults

When it comes to planning a fun and exciting scavenger hunt, you can actually match the items on your list with the occasion or holiday. Is best to include the things that can be found within the walking distance so players don't have to use cars. Choose items from the neighborhood, backyard, or pre-determined areas with a clear set of boundaries. You have to make sure you have a print out of the scavenger hunt rules including the specific items or tasks that need to be completed, clues, and travel distances of boundaries. It is good to indicate the number of points for each task completed and set the exact start time and stop time. Give out cool prizes such as cash, gift certificates, and grocery items. You can get ideas and more from Riddle Me.

One of the best ideas for scavenger hunt dedicated to adults is "Random Acts of Kindness" scavenger hunt. The examples would include buying a bouquet of roses and have it delivered to a person in the hospital or helping people in unloading their carts in the supermarket or grocery stores. It is also nice to give a candy bar or chocolate bar to a security guard on duty, play with another pet owner's pet, buy a McDonald meal for a beggar on the street, or teach young children a new vocabulary word. Offering help to a granny to cross the street.or donating old clothes or stuff to charity are also act of kindness, and so as praising someone who acts kindly and friendly, and appreciating someone's outfit or good behavior. Websites like riddleme.com can provide you with the guidance you need for such activities.

You can also play with words and pictures to find items and complete tasks such as using the Scrabble board game to find out the next clue, and cutting pictures and removing few pieces to make a puzzle and to create a more challenging clue. You can also print out photos of items, shadowing important distinguishing features to make the item more challenging to guess or use pictures of old newspapers or magazines as clues. Find -the-page game using old magazines and newspapers. Scavenger hunt ideas are unlimited, so think of creative ways to play with it.

A scavenger hunt is really fun to play not only by children but also by adults. These can be played on team-building, parties, and other events. Just make sure to make it unique and challenging by including riddles, but not too complicated or serious to avoid accidents such as slips and falls. Learn more about scavenger hunt games, rules, and clues by visiting our homepage or website now! Experience the fun and excitement of a scavenger hunt today! Here's a nice example of a scavenger hunt for kids game:  https://youtu.be/VyWbtPHN4fo