Different Types of Scavenger Hunts

Scavenger hunts are quite popular amongst children, adults, and youth. With the growth of various TV shows, scavenger hunts are as popular today as they've been. They could take varieties of forms, be customized to different locations, themes as well as age groups and also, be modified with the rules. They're perfect for team building, generating lots of excitement and fun and a lot more, like if you go with  easter egg hunt riddles for adults

Below, you're going to discover the different and most common scavenger hunts.

Classic Scavenger Hunt

This is basically the conventional scavenger hunt in which participants are given with list of items to retrieve and take it back to the designated location without going beyond the set time limit. Examples of this include hard and common items such as spork, basketball, coin with specific date or even postage stamp.

Scavenger hunt composes of list of selected objects as well as some rules, along with easter scavenger clues. Variations might allow photos of the object to replace the actual item or even creative substitutions. The rules might forbid buying the items or restrict participants from going to malls or own homes to collect the items. Various points are also assigned to the items based on the necessary difficulty to get them.

Destination Unknown

In this type of scavenger hunts, participants are given with clues which lead participants to specific destination in which they can find another clue leading to the next location. The accumulative clues will then lead them to the location where there's a party. Clues can come in form of directions or riddles to follow and serve as guide to participants to tourist spots, famous landmarks or any other locations. At times, helpers are positioned at different places to give away the clues. In others areas, clues can be hidden under park bench or inconspicuous locations.

Find the Pieces Scavenger Hunt

Hide pieces of jigsaw puzzle on the game area. This can be a church, school or local park. Rather than a puzzle, you may make use of an object or machine that has several pieces. Let all the participating individuals to search for it and reassemble them. Hide tape recorders, batteries and cassette tapes with prerecorded message which describes what their next clue is.

Information Scavenger Hunt

Rather than taking pictures or retrieving objects, participants in this hunt should find information. It can be a date on tombstones ,the inscription on cornerstone, last item on restaurant menu or other any factual information that needs the participants to visit a certain location. The first team to collect the most answers or perhaps the team with most answers within the time limit wins. Here are nice scavenger hunt ideas for your team:  https://youtu.be/lLIjB0GnBJo